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If you scroll down, you will find samples of;
(1) Razor Blade Wrappers - RBW (4500 pcs)
(2) Safety Razor Blades (3000 pcs)
(3) Odd Appliances for Safety Razor Blades (350 pcs)
(4) Safety Razor Blade Honers & Sharpeners (45 pcs)

I’m sure each and every RBW collector has some of these King Gillette samples.
I just wanted to show you that I also have some..! (about 50 different designs)

What you see here is a thematic group.
No matter who the manufacturer is, the theme remains the same... (Cover Girls..!)

There are very many Turkish RBW designs. (Much more than you can imagine..!)
The samples I have in my collection, go back to 70’ies, 50’ies... even 30’ies.

This here is a unique Turkish RBW. “Altun Çiçek” –the golden flower-. I only have two  pieces  in my collection. I can send you a color copy if you want or –if you’re ready to pay a fortune- I can send you one of the two originals.

Another thematic group... Arts being the theme.

Safety Razor Blades used to come in crush-proof boxes.
This is to show you that I have some...
As you see, my collection is NOT only of RBW but safety blades, boxes, appliances, sharpeners, honers... etc.

Other than crush-proof (cardboard) boxes, there are tin and bakelite boxes in which Safety Razor Blades and appliances were sold together.

Single Edge Safety Razor Blades.
Each and every one of those appliances –to my understanding- is a masterpiece as regards  industrial design concepts.

Double Edge Safety Razor Blades.
The blade and the appliance in the same box.

More Single Edge samples... The blade and the appliance.
Some even have tiny stropping belts, smartly tucked in those small boxes.

“Odd” is the keyword..! Take a look at the left-hand side contraption.
A safety razor appliance and an interchangable “non-safety” blade..!

More samples of “Odd” appliances.
“Curvfit” is one of my favorites.

Portable kits for traveling, usually sold in rust-free metal boxes.
The handle of the appliance may be screwed off to save space in the box.

The “ancient” and the “modern” together in one frame;
Left, is “Apollo” –take a good look at the blade-
Right, is a “double-track” given as a souvenire by one of the major airlines.

Question: Do ladies shave..? Answer: Not necessarily but they may... ;-))
Please do compare the size of the tiny appliances with the common one shown in the frame.

Good Old “Schick”.
No need for further interpretation.

Here we come to the unique “Rolls”...
Is it a blade..? Yes
Is it safe..? Yes
How do I sharpen it..? It’s all in the box.
One of the best concepts in industrial design –of all times-.

As you may have noticed, Sharpeners/Honers is a separate cathegory in my collection.
Here are some samples in which the blade is treated by spinning cylinders.

More sharpeners...
Linear action..! Push-pull mechanism.

It is completely beyond the scope of my understanding of “mechanics” and of my command of English language to describe the “modus-operandi” of this gizmo..!
You simply use the handle of the “thing” to spin it around, the safety blade gets sharpened.

More sharpeners...
By “pulling the strings”.. not as in politics, but to sharpen your razor blades.

My humble self and a fraction of my collection in exhibition...
Photos taken at an exhibition realised during the International Symposium on "Hair/Beard Dressing" held by the Marmara University, Ýstanbul, Turkey, coordinated and executed by Prof. Emine Gürsoy Naskali.

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Thank you for your kind interest in visiting this site.

Honestly speaking, it was not easy to prepare samples of different cathegories of my collection.... –sorting them out, making groups, taking color pictures, trying to scan them in a way that you don’t miss the details but the file size should be small in Kb’s... ;-))

If you are a collector yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
We may exchange material and/or informative data.

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